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Glenshee UK Ski Test 2020

Glenshee UK Ski Test 2020

There’s no doubt that the impact of Covid-19 will have long-lasting implications for the Ski and Snowboard industries for years to come. In March 2020, SIGB’s annual OnSnow test, which usually takes place in Northern Italy’s Ski resort of Pila, saw a complete pull out of participating brands and retailers due to the pandemic. Resorts across Europe followed suit with an array of ski-resort closures, leaving the 2019/2020 season all but over.

Scottish resorts remained open, welcoming some of their best conditions to date with fresh snow and sunny days. These conditions were seized upon by SIGB members TORD NILSON (ICONIC), LEE HARDY (BRAEMAR MOUNTAIN SPORTS) and STEVE WELLS (ELLIS BRIGHAM) to set up an impromptu ski test in Glenshee, Scotland (Prior to the lockdown in the UK on the 23rd March). The Highland resort saw a total of 20 brands (15 ski brands, 5 accessory/clothing brands) as well as 20 retailers bringing a total of 65 people from stores all across the UK.

Fall-Line Skiing’s Glenshee Ski test recap by Robert Grew Photography

“What is absolutely phenomenal is the way that the industry reacted together in a united manner and got a ski test together in the last minute – nothing would have been possible without Lee Hardy’s location, contacts and tireless work throughout the days leading up to and also the week itself. The biggest learning from all this is that when it all comes down to it, it doesn’t matter if you’re a multinational corporation or an independent shop, everyone can get together and enjoy skiing for what it is – a bloody good day out!” — TORD NILSON

The quick turnaround between Pila to Glenshee by all in the UK Snowsports industry really goes to show the steadfastness and resilient nature of the people around the sport.

SIGB has been issuing refunds of registration fees to all organisations who were due to attend the 2020 OnSnow test attend and now remains committed to delivering an annual SnowTest and will now start planning for the 2021 event.

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