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CE mark regulations changes due to Brexit – UKCA required form Jan 2022

CE Mark Regulations Changes Due To Brexit – UKCA Required Form Jan 2022

Another Brexit consequence for all snowsport suppliers and retailers is the CE mark for personal protective equipment (which includes helmets and back protectors) will not be valid from the end 2021. Thereafter, all such product has to be classified with the new UKCA mark.

SIGB understands that if the product is with the retailer by 31 December 2021, then the CE mark will still be valid – however any product in importer’s/distributor’s warehouses after the that date will require reclassification before it is sold to retailers.

This will also apply to any product sold into the UK from a European retailer.

David Sawyer Parker (SIGB joint President) has been in discussion with the BSI (British Standards Institute) about the cost of testing. It will be prohibitive for this to be done by a importer/distributor. Even a small range of helmets and back protectors could cost in excess of £10k for certification.

Until recently the testing had to be carried out in the UK to get the UKCA mark however that has now been relaxed and European testers can issue the UKCA.

Currently the UKCA mark mirrors the CE mark so shouldn’t be too costly to brands to implement, however if the UKCA diverges from the CE going forward this will require the products to be separately tested and therefore increasing costs

David has written to SIGB aware MP’s to ask for some further clarity or if there are any plans for the markings to be harmonised to prevent significant costs for all involved.

Further details will be circulated when fully confirmed.

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