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Brexit is a tough and complex situation for all members of SIGB, so we have put together some useful links, videos and information below to help you guide your way through Brexit.


Trade and Cooperation Agreement

The United Kingdom and the European Union have agreed a Trade and Cooperation Agreement governing future trade relations from 1 January 2021, that will see no tariffs or quotas on the movement of goods produced between the UK and the EU. Further details are available here.
The best place for businesses to get support and information about the changes is at GOV.UK/transition which includes a transition checker tool, so businesses can get a personalised list of actions.

Movement of Goods

  • Value Added Tax EU Exit Transitional Provisions: Find out about the VAT treatment of transactions or movements of goods which span the end of the Transition Period. For more information, click here.
  • Ongoing customs movements and procedures at the end of the Transition Period: Guidance on what to do if you are moving goods or have goods in customs procedures at the end of the Transition Period has been updated in respect of moving goods from GB to NI. For more information, click here.


  • HMRC Customs Declaration webinars:

These webinars cover how to complete customs import declarations and explain how to make import declarations when importing goods between the EU and Great Britain.

Currently there is a webinar on Friday 22nd January. To register click here.

  • HMRC webinars:

These webinars cover importing and exporting and there is currently webinars available on Friday 22nd January.

The webinar on importing is available here and covers:

  • how to make import declarations to import goods between the EU and Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales)
  • how to use simplified and supplementary declarations
  • key terminology
  • new processes

The webinar on exporting is available here and covers a run through of the main export processes, including:

  • staged border controls
  • zero-rated VAT
  • customs declarations
  • using an intermediary
  • what licences, certificates and authorisations you may need

We believe that HMRC will be recording these webinars and releasing at a later date if you cannot make the times available.



There are several videos available from HMRC that covers  what you may need to know about exports and imports, customs, commodity codes and controlled goods.


1.Exporting and sending goods outside of the UK

This video looks at:

how to sell products overseas

the decisions and processes you need to consider to export to other countries


2.Importing and bringing goods into the UK

This video looks at:

how to bring goods into the UK to sell or use in your business

the decisions and processes for importing into the UK


3.The customs clearance process

This video looks at:

the customs process you will need to go through if you are bringing in goods from overseas


4.Commodity codes

This video looks at:

how to find out the commodity code classification for your goods

why you need to use a commodity code


5.Controlled goods

This video looks at:

the types of goods that are classed as controlled

what to do if you import or export controlled goods

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