Go UK Buy UK

Thinking of buying ski or snowboard gear? When buying specialist equipment, it’s best to do a bit of research to make sure you are investing your hard-earned cash in the gear that’s right for you. And that usually means doing a bit of research and taking advice. While there’s myriad information available on the internet, there’s often nothing to beat one on one advice where you and an expert can have a two way dialogue; where the expert will ask you relevant questions to help determine what will work best for you.

SIGB member retailers are specialists; shops that are immersed in the sport and have the most committed staff you will find; they invest in staff training, test equipment at every opportunity, they’ll offer service and give their time make sure you get the best advice at their disposal.

Look out for this sticker in store – or simply ask your retailer if they are members of SIGB.


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There are a number of compelling reasons for buying from specialist SIGB retailers – and this season there is a specific Go UK Buy UK campaign to showcase these benefits.

The Go UK, Buy UK campaign is aimed at raising awareness of the benefits associated with buying in-store or online from a UK snowsports retailer, and specifically retailers who are members of SIGB.

Price is a key driver for many purchasers, and this year buying at home can be significantly cheaper than buying in Europe.


Why buy in Britain?

1. Save money.

The weak £ means the cost of skiing or snowboarding in Europe is going up. Bad news. BUT …it also means that Brits can save money on all their snowsport essentials by buying at home. Add in the growing list of airlines offering free ski or board carriage plus the escalating cost of hiring in resort and the arguments for investing in your own equipment keep growing.

2. Sound, clear advice from the experts

Buying from UK specialist retailer, especially a member of SIGB, will also ensure you are offered a high level of service and advice. Being able to see, hold and try on kit, especially ski and snowboard hardware and outerwear has no substitute.

Getting good fitting boots in particular can be a deal breaker in terms of how much you enjoy your skiing or snowboarding holiday. Getting your boots professionally fitted in the UK by an expert who speaks your language and can analyse your feet and the fit of the boots is a vital part of being ready for an enjoyable snowsports trip.

3. After sales support

Follow up after-sales, whether it’s boot-fitting adjustments, repairs or maintenance is an important part of any UK specialist shop’s reputation and service standard. Buying at home gives confidence in terms of on-going support.

5. Support the sport

British athletes, busy preparing for the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, are helped by a supportive, active trade. The UK snowsport trade has invested over £1.2 million to promote skiing and snowboarding at all levels in the past 20 years.