Become A Member Of SIGB

SIGB (Snowsport Industries of Great Britain) is the trade association for skiing and snowboarding in the UK.

SIGB membership consists of 174 organisations, made up of:

  • 57 retail members, representing over 320 outlets
  • 105 full members (mostly suppliers and some specialist media organisations)
  • 12 travel organisations

SIGB is open to organisations which:

  • Operate a commercially viable business in the manufacture, distribution or retailing of snowsports products in Great Britain. Membership has also been extended to include a snowsport travel section.
  • Have been involved in the snowsport trade for a minimum of a year.
  • Full criteria for membership and the respective prices are listed on the application forms for each membership type.

Download application forms here:

Retail Application Forms

Full Member Application Forms

Travel Member Application Forms

SIGB Constitution

> View PDF of the SIGB Constitution

SIGB Aims To:

  • Promote and stimulate the growth of skiing and snowboarding at all levels.
  • Act as a forum for initiatives which benefit members and liaise with other organisations.
  • Encourage and foster good trading standards within the snowsport trade.
  • Organise Slide for the benefit of exhibitors and their customers.